NJAA Applauds Governor Christie for Vetoing Duplicative Facade Inspection Bill

On Tues., Jan. 17, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie vetoed controversial legislation aimed at creating redundant inspections of high-rise building facades and exteriors. The bill was narrowly approved in December by the Legislature, prompting the New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA) to submit a formal veto request in the waning moments of the post-election Lame Duck session.  Click here for the full text of NJAA's veto request.

The bills, S-2771/A-3895, sought to transfer jurisdiction over facades from the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) that was established more than 45 years ago under the Hotel & Multiple Dwelling Act, to individual, local enforcement entities. In New Jersey, this could have meant 566 different local enforcement practices - which would have resulted in chaos for professional multi-family operators - and their residents.

"On behalf of the NJAA, our members and the thousands of working families throughout New Jersey who have chosen to call rental housing their ‘home’ , thank you, Governor Christie, for vetoing this unnecessary and duplicative legislation," said Conor Fennessy, vice president of government affairs for the NJAA. "This bill was an unnecessary solution to a nonexistent problem — we are thankful that the Governor understood the heart of the matter and sent this bill packing."

The NJAA, along with most major real estate groups, opposed this ill-advised initiative every step of the way - in Assembly Housing & Local Government on May 5 and June 13, 2011, as well as the Assembly Floor on Dec 15, and in the Senate Community & Urban Affairs Committee on May 12, and the Senate Floor on Sept 26, 2011, and on January 9, 2012.

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