Child Protective Window Guards

Window guards are specially designed metal devices that are installed in the lower half of double-hung (vertically opening) windows to prevent children from falling from a window. They do not prevent a burglary and should not be used for this purpose. 

Properly installed window guards can help safeguard children from injury, and parents and caregivers may request that window guards be installed.

New Jersey has exhaustive regulations that outline procedures that property owners must follow to inform residents of their right to request that window guards be installed.

The New Jersey Apartment Association supported comprehensive legislation addressing window guards sponsored by Senator Ron Rice and signed into law by Governor Jon S. Corzine as P.L. 2006, c. 55.  NJAA worked closely with the bill sponsor, Senator Ron Rice (D-Essex), and with the NJ Department of Community Affairs to ensure that legislation and resulting regulations achieved the mutual interest of lawmakers, residents, and housing providers, that is, to ensure that the process for requesting the installation of child protective window guards remains simple, effective, practical and enforceable.

For guidence on complying with the window guard rules, see the "Compass" on Window Guards under resources. NJAA has prepared the Compass to help multifamily apartment owners navigate the regulations, comply with the law, and safeguard residents.