NJAA Supported Proposal Would Change Frequency of Boiler Checks by Black Seal Licensees

The New Jersey Apartment Association submitted comments to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) in support of a proposal to change the frequency with which licensed boiler operators (“black seals”) must perform a physical check of a low pressure boiler. Current regulations require that black seals inspect their boilers at least once every two hours and log their inspections. The proposed rule would reduce the frequency of these inspections to at least twice every twenty four hours with no fewer than seven hours between the inspections. This will allow a single black seal to perform the required inspections at the beginning and end of an eight hour work shift.


LWD’s rule proposal recognizes advances in boiler technology, which make the current frequency of physical inspections unnecessary. Additionally, the existing regulations were designed for industrial applications, and when applied to residential apartments, are unduly burdensome without providing added safety benefits. The existing black seal rules were identified by the Red Tape Review Group, established by Governor Christie and Chaired by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, as being “anachronistic” and this rule change would implement its recommendation.


Click here for a copy of NJAA’s comment letter in support of this proposal.