Rent Control

Rent control was initially created in New Jersey during the 1970s and 1980s as a short term emergency measure aimed at combatting runaway inflation, however, rent controls have been maintained for the long term due to local political dynamics which make repeal difficult. Today, 98 of New Jersey’s 566 municipalities continue to have rent control governing rents at multifamily apartments, including some of the state’s most populous cities.

While rent control is authorized by state law (Public Law 1966, Chapter 168) there is no statewide standard guiding the form of the regulations, creating a patchwork of rent controls across the 98 municipalities who have imposed it on multifamily apartments.

NJAA produced a report presenting an overview of rent control in New Jersey with a table summarizing key aspects of the rent regulation in each municipality with rent control, which is available to members in the resources section.