Plumbing Fundamentals

November 8, 2022

HD Supply

1100 John Galt Way

Burlington, NJ 08016

Time: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Plumbing Fundamentals

This 3-hour course addresses the challenges associated with the most common service requests on site; plumbing. Topics will include major fixture components from the water meter and pressure regulator thru the hot and cold-water supply lines into the building. The supply lines include Copper, PVC, CPVC, Galvanized, Pex, and the tools used to assemble a watertight circuit are presented. Typical basin, bath, and shower fixtures, associated drains, and the tools and techniques for opening them will be covered. Safety with tools, products and process will be an additional focus. 

Topics covered in this class will include:

·      Health and Safety concerns and PPE while making plumbing repairs

·      Mechanical and Chemical drain openers

·      Common plumbing tools, quality, and use

·      Correct water pressure

·      Supply line materials and techniques for assembling circuits

·      Servicing, parts, water efficient operation, and troubleshooting a toilet

Instructed by: Terry Wilks, HD Supply

Who Is This Class For?


  • Maintenance Technicians and Supervisors

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