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  • 07/6/15Follow Us on Social Media for our Latest Information and Updates

    Please take a look at our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for additional updates from NJAA!Continue Reading

  • 07/6/15NJAA Opposed Sick Leave Mandate Bill Withdrawn from Senate Vote

    Legislation imposing a new sick leave mandate on employers, S-785, was withdrawn from consideration by the full Senate on Monday.Continue Reading

  • 06/29/15U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Long Anticipated Disparate Impact Case

    On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States in Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs et al. v. Inclusive Community Project, Inc. et al, No.: 13-1371, affirmed the holding of the Fifth Circuit that the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”) prohibits decisions in housing that have a disparate impact. This means that non-profit testing groups now have an additional tool by which to measure compliance with the FHA, and argue that a policy or practice causes a disparate impact, i.e., not that your policy on its face discriminates based upon a protected category but that your policy or practice causes a discriminatory effect. Continue Reading

  • 06/29/15Rent Control Update: Borough of Eatontown Adopts Permanent Vacancy Decontrol

    In an effort led by Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly to improve housing conditions in the Borough of Eatontown, the Council on Wednesday voted 4-2 to amend the rent control ordinance to allow for permanent vacancy decontrol.Continue Reading

  • 06/29/15Assembly Advances NJAA Opposed Measure that Would Lead to Increased Workers’ Compensation Premiums

    The Assembly voted 44-30 to approve S-929/A-1908, which imposes an increased cost on employers to fund an new cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on workers’ compensation benefit rates for certain disability cases that have occurred since 1980. Continue Reading

Advocacy In Action

Multifamily Inspections: Restore Commonsense and Balance to Multifamily Inspections in New Jersey

A-3835 (Ryan/Jasey/Cryan) and S-2795 (Van Drew/Oroho) clarifies state law to restore common-sense and balance to a comprehensive registration/regulation/inspection system that has, for nearly 45 years, served renters and the public well. It aligns and clarifies various statutes to make the State solely responsible for establishing and enforcing registration, maintenance, use, and inspection standards for rental properties of 3 or more units and prevents municipalities from imposing additional registration, licensure or inspection schemes on properties already registered with and inspected by the State.See NJAA Position

Water Conservation: Encourage Conservation by Sub-Metering Water Usage

Residents who pay for their own water use less. Understanding one’s usage is necessary in order to reduce both the amount of water used and the amount they are billed for. This enables residents to directly reduce the cost by reducing the amount used.See NJAA Position

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