Dear Employee:

The United States Census Bureau is conducting their decennial census this year—if you have not yet completed your census survey, please do so at the following link: https://2020census.gov/

Completing your census survey is an easy process which will assist in the allocation of federal resources to your local community.  The Census Bureau is working to ensure full participation over the next few months.  Therefore, anyone who has not completed the census may be contacted in person by census workers who are obligated to do so.  The information that you provide is confidential to the Census Bureau and is not shared with your employer.

Why is completing the census important? It is imperative that each household in New Jersey complete the census because the results determine how federal resources are allocated, including grants, transportation projects, as well as funding to local schools and healthcare facilities.  Furthermore, the shape of Congressional and state legislative districts will be determined for the next 10 years based on the results of the 2020 Census.

We encourage you to do your civic duty by completing your census today at https://2020census.gov/.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this important matter!