Owner Application

    Owner Application

    The dues structure for our owner, manager, and developers is on a sliding scale and is calculated as follows:

    • The minimum annual dues are $350.00 per year.

    • Owners with units above the $350.00 base are calculated at $2.50 per unit for the first year.

    • After the first year of membership, owner dues are based on $3.50 per unit for the first 1,500 units. $2.50 for the next 1,500 units. All units above 3,000 are at the $2.00 rate.

    All membership applications received after July 1st will be prorated for the current year and billed for the full year that follows.

    Company Information Company Information

    Property Information Property Information

    Please provide us with the following information on your properties so that they can be registered with our Association. Download, complete and attach the property spreadsheet below or fill out the form below.

    Download Property Spreadsheet

    Upload Completed Property Spreadsheet

    If you delete the optional columns or otherwise alter the structure of the template, it will not upload correctly. Please save and upload your file in one of the following formats: xls, xlsx or csv.

    Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

    As a condition of acceptance to NJAA, the undersigned agrees to adhere to the NJAA Bylaws and Code of Ethics and warrants information provided in this application are true and complete. I further agree that membership must be for all my properties and units in NJ and the following is a full and complete listing of those properties and units. NJAA Bylaws and Ethics are available upon request. Your membership in the NJAA includes membership in the National Apartment Association and contact information is shared between the entities. Twenty-eight ($28) dollars of your annual membership dues goes toward a one-year subscription to Units magazine and is non-deductible from association dues payment.

    Payment Details Payment Details

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